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Wed Mar 18 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, call volume to Cleo’s team of global family guides has increased by 10x. Anxious expecting parents and stressed working families are looking for clear, evidence-based advice in an unprecedented situation that has shifted day by day (some days, hour by hour). Our expert team of OBGYNs, midwives, pediatric psychologists and career coaches have identified specific recommendations and evolving best practices as data is available, and we are tailoring our response to provide actionable support for Cleo’s member base of expecting mothers, their partners, and working families of young children.

But, we know more people need help and we’ve worked to open Cleo’s support to every expecting parent, partner, and working family that desperately need less articles and social media posts, and more expert advice and clear answers. Whether it’s an expecting mother trying to navigate the confusion and anxiety of a radically changing birth and post-partum plan, or a couple working from home while suddenly teaching from home as well, we have the right folks to help you.

Starting next week, Cleo will open our expert-led, live video Q&A sessions to every family, manager or HR leader who needs our help. Each session will be led by a Cleo expert, including our OBGYNs, midwives, developmental psychologists, and career coaches. The sessions will provide resources and insights and also include an open Q&A to ensure the most pressing questions are answered, so our community can learn from one another. After each Cleo Live session, we will share the recordings for those who miss our conversation. We’ll also share weekly tips on our social media channels.

Stay tuned for more news from us shortly on other ways we’ll extend our guidance and support for the broader community of expecting parents in particular, we know you need more help right now and we’ll soon have more ways to stay in touch with Team Cleo. Here is our upcoming schedule – feel free to share with a colleague, friend or family member.

Supporting Employees Through COVID-19

  • For: Company leaders, HR leaders, Managers

  • What You’ll Learn:

    • Resources and best practices for supporting and managing working families, particularly those with young children
    • Insights from other companies on what they’re doing and what policies they’re adopting to support their family populations
    • We’ll share what’s working, what isn’t
    • Top questions and anxieties Cleo is hearing from working parents and expecting families and tips for helping them get the support
  • Who You’ll Hear From:

    • Stephanie O’Brien, MBA and Lead Career Coach
  • Schedule:

Working With & Supporting Kids (#WFHWK) During COVID-19

  • For: Working Parents of Young Children

  • What You’ll Learn:

    • How to make working from home successful (and keep yourself sane)
    • New resources to support you and your little ones
    • Best practices on partnering with your spouse to share space and responsibilities
    • Answers about COVID-19’s impact on your littles, including latest insights on the health risks, tips on how to talk to your kids about COVID-19, and ideas on how to help your kids stay connected to school and friends
    • Tips on how to engage with your managers and company leaders about needing a more flexible schedule and support
  • Who You’ll Hear From:

    • Rebekah Wheeler, Certified Nurse Midwife, MPH, and Lead Family Guide and Patience Elizabeth, Developmental Psychologist, and Cleo Family Guide
  • When:

Birth in The Time of COVID-19

  • For: New & Expecting Parents

  • What You’ll Learn:

    • Latest information on COVID-19’s impact on the health of expecting mothers and infants and how to stay healthy
    • How to manage a changing birth plan in a changing environment
    • How to identify and manage postpartum depression
    • What to expect from your local hospital and how to get the support you need
    • Tips on how to stay positive during this stressful time
  • Who You’ll Hear From:

    • Dr. Chitra Akileswaran, Cleo’s Chief Medical Officer & practicing OBGYN & Rebekah Wheeler, Certified Nurse Midwife, MPH, and Lead Family Guide
  • When:

We hope these sessions help you or a friend and that you stay well.